Before we can find tenants for your property, there are a few things to consider, it is important that the property is ready and compliant as quickly and easily as possible to reduce vacancy times. We are here to help and can cover everything in detail to help this process and to ensure your property is fully legally compliant and to minimise any costs or problems during a tenancy.

• Has everything been removed from the property – furniture, equipment and so on?
• Are there any hazards on the property – loose wires, loose steps or railings, broken windows?

• Is the property fully secure – doors and windows?

• Is the property clean and tidy – inside, lawns and gardens?

• Are there any water leaks or dripping taps?
• Do you have appropriate insurance? – Legally in QLD, you are required to have Public Liability
Insurance of $10,000,000 (you may have this already built into your house insurance).
• Are you considering Landlord Insurance? (There are time frames for eligibility)

• Does the property have compliant smoke alarms and have the batteries been replaced?

• Is there a swimming pool? And is it compliant with a current Pool Safety Certificate?
• If your property has a swimming pool, will it be the tenants cost to maintain?

• Is the property water efficient? And what costs for water will be passed onto the tenant?

• Do you have keys and remotes for all locks in the house?

• Is there any sewerage or water tanks? If so how will they be maintained?

Coast Creek & Country will also need a copy of the following;

 Pool Safety Certificate
 Insurances
 Any special instructions
 Bank details for rent payments
 Full contact details
 A full set of keys for the office

There are many things to consider and have ready but don’t forget, we are here to help and as every house is different, we also can give you the right advice for your particular circumstances.
Taking the time to ensure all these things are covered, reduces the risk of higher costs and problems down the track.