Tips for selling your Gold Coast home: Why you need amazing photos

To show your Gold Coast property off in its best light, it’s important that you take amazing photos. Next in our blog series of tips for selling your home, we tell you exactly why this is.

Why your Gold Coast real estate listing deserves awesome photos

A potential buyer will first encounter your home via photos online or in print ads.

Photos that show your home looking messy, dirty, dingy, or dark will immediately turn off buyers instantly. Even if your home is the three bedroom or two bedroom in the neighbourhood, like Currumbin, where they’ve been looking for, and it’s in their price range, they might decide it’s not right because bad photos make it look ugly.

If they do make it to your house, they might decide that you are asking too much for your house since (from their perspective and the photos they’ve seen), the house needs work.

When you want to sell your home for the best possible price, having great photos can help you do this by bringing more buyers through the doors and increasing the likelihood that you will get an offer.

A great example is our stunning beachfront apartment we have for sale on Jefferson Lane in Palm Beach. This stunning three bedroom apartment with commanding beachfront views has some breathtaking images that enable to the potential buyer to really imagine themselves in the apartment, and encourage a closer inspection. Click to see the Jefferson Lane beachfront apartment.

Photo tips for home sellers 

Now that we’ve convinced you that amazing photos are vital, here are a few tips. To get the best photos of your house:

  • Open those blinds and let in the natural light
  • Clean and declutter before taking any photos
  • Use a decent camera instead of your smartphone
  • Shoot from a corner to make the rooms look as large as possible
  • Use video to your advantage

For more help in selling your home, or to talk about anything else Gold Coast real estate, please contact us today.

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Tips for selling your Gold Coast home: Why you need amazing photos