Gold Coast Property Tips: Can Buyers Envision Their Life In Your Space?

When you’re selling your Gold Coast home, you have one aim in mind: getting the best price possible.

In order to do this, you have to present your home as a place where potential buyers will be comfortable.  Home buyers have to be able to envision their life in your space.  Even though the home might be full of your things, they have to be able to see themselves living there happily.  This might seem like a difficult task but it’s actually quite easy, if you follow these four simple tips:

  1. Cleanliness.  It’s really important for a home to be clean when you’re showing it to potential buyers.  And this often means that you’ll have to do some major decluttering and put away many of your things in storage.  The idea is to give your potential buyers a feeling of openness.  So too much furniture is not a good idea.  However, when you move your furniture out of the way, you also have to make sure that the space underneath it is cleaned properly and the wall behind it isn’t discolored.
  2. Light.  Letting a lot of light into the home is always a good idea because it gives a feeling of space.  Plus, if you have any kind of view, no matter how small, this will generally be in your favor.  Even if your windows only look upon your backyard, this can be an advantage, as long as your backyard is well taken care of.  So make sure that you pull back any curtains and don’t place any obstructions in the way of light coming into your home.
  3. Personal Touches.  Often, it’s a good idea to show a home that’s completely empty because this gives a greater impression of space.  Plus it also helps buyers to imagine what they would do with the place.  But most of the time, you have to show a home with furniture in it because the seller doesn’t have anywhere to live while selling their home.  In such cases, it’s nice to have a few personal touches in the home.  A couple of well-kept plants on the windowsill, a bunch of flowers on the dining table and some pretty cushions on the sofa can all create a good impression on the buyer.
  4. Smells.  The smells of a home are quite important when it comes to selling it.  Try and get a professional deep cleaning done if you can.  This will help you to remove pet smells, cooking smells, musty smells etc.  Don’t use a very heavy room deodorant because this can be overpowering and some people are allergic to it.  Instead, try potpourri, flowers and light deodorants to make your home more inviting.  Some people even suggest the smell of cookies baking to evoke memories of childhood comfort and coziness.

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Gold Coast Property Tips: Can Buyers Envision Their Life In Your Space?